Westurn MOD APK: Turn-based Showdowns (Unlimited Money)

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Westurn MOD APK Download: Adventure across the action-packed wasteland as the Shadeless Sheriff in this turn based Western (Westurn?) Block bullets, shoot outlaws, and collect legendary bounties – all while using your sharp mind and sharp shooting to win!

Mod Info?

Free purchases for real money (you need internet and authorization in Google services, if prices are not loaded and items are not bought, then completely stop the game, delete the Play Store data (you will not have to log in again) and restart the game).

Install Steps:

Westurn MOD APK Features:

Turn-based Duels – Figure out your enemy’s strategy, predicting their next move and using it against them to win (and also psyching them out).

Hunt Gang Leaders – Fight your way through ruthless gangs of bandits, each with their own unique territory, weapons, and dueling styles!

PvP Showdowns – Duel friends and foes alike to good ol’ Sheriff Showdown! See who has the quickest wit once and for all.

Powerful Powerups: Use your Sheriff skills to tip the scales of a tough showdown. Just be careful, your enemies have a few tricks up their sleeves too!

Unlockable Skins (and LOOT!) – Become the most fashionable Sheriff in the wild wasteland, collecting bounties with style.

Your own best friend – Every Sheriff needs a trusty steed! Save Tusik from being donkeynapped, and earn a loyal companion and dear friend for your journey.

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