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Asian entertainment industries are dominating the entire world with many interesting movies and shows being introduced each day. And if you’re a fan of this movement, you’ll certainly find this interesting application of Viki: Stream Asian TV Shows being a great tool for your Android devices. Feel free to make uses of the app to watch any of your favorite Asian movies, dramas, and variety programs whenever you want to.

Viki: Stream Asian TV Shows offers hundreds of thousands of interesting shows and movies that you can watch at all time. Simply get the app ready on your mobile devices and have the Internet ready, you can start enjoying the awesome world of entertainment with some of the best experiences. Enjoy amazing pieces of entertainment from Korean, China, Taiwan, Japan, and more.



Viki: Stream Asian Drama, Movies, and TV Shows is an application that helps you watch movies of different genres. Therefore, it can be said that this is a highly effective means of entertainment for those who love to watch movies. At the same time, the application also has its elements to attract viewers and satisfy their entertainment needs on many different devices. Therefore, when starting to experience this application, you do not feel too strange. It gives viewers an utterly user-friendly interface that any person can easily use. With this interface, you can fully adapt and use the application immediately. All operations in this application need to be done by simple actions such as swiping or entering related characters. So you can search for your favorite movie in an extensive library that the application provides.


Films from Asia have long generated positive reviews from many viewers and critics worldwide. These films have incredibly touching emotional elements and hidden emotions, great stories, novel themes with thrilling, emotional dramas on screen. As for TV Shows, mainly from Japan and Korea, which have become so famous and globally attractive because of their fun entertainment elements, and the creativity in the content it brings.

In general, movies and shows from the world’s largest continent have many different colors. Still, all have psychological-emotional elements or extremely humorous entertainment content that many people around the world like. This is also the reason why the application was developed with the goal of focusing entirely on movies from this continent.


There are many obstacles when you want to watch a favorite movie but cannot understand the dialogue – the key element of a movie smoothly for the movie or the application does not support translation into your language. To be able to remove annoying language barriers, the application gives users 150 languages ​​to choose from, which is hugely convenient when these are common languages ​​around the world.

Endless entertainment content

As mentioned, Viki is developing entertainment content from countries in Asia so users can completely immerse themselves in millions of built-in content. Of course, entertainment videos from “Korea” will take the majority of this application compared to other countries. Very simple, because Korea has a completely outstanding entertainment industry right now. This application synthesizes entertainment news and much other special content about showbiz, artists, singers, which will surely help you easily find the information you want.

Besides, funny videos from countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, also contribute to making Viki’s content ecosystem more diverse. Most of the content in this application is divided into many different categories for users to choose from according to their preferences. Typically famous movies, dramas, fashion shows, celebrity lifestyle.

Integrated subtitles

The powerful built-in subtitles feature makes Viki more popular around the globe. Specifically, all of the content in this application is translated into 150 different languages ​​contributed by the community of users. Therefore, you can watch movies or TV shows with subtitles on this application.

For example: If you love Chinese language movies, but don’t speak Chinese. Language disagreement will make you feel shy when you want to enjoy a movie from another country. Don’t worry, the subtitles feature in Viki will take care of that immediately. Overall, the translations in this app are pretty straightforward. Thereby, it helps you understand the content that the movie or TV show conveys.

Amazing movies and shows to access

Along with the exciting dramas, Viki: Stream Asian TV Shows now offers Android users a huge collection of movies from different genres. Here, you can freely select whichever films that you want to have on your Android devices and start watching whenever you want to.

At the same time, Kpop fans will now be able to follow their idols’ journey in many different music channels and shows. Find yourself having fun with the amazing Kpop adventures and discover tons of exclusive shows of your favorite idol groups, including BTS, GOT7, Blackpink, Twice, and more.

And finally, for those of you who’re interested, you can also opt in for Viki’s premium plan, which offers live content to the famous channels of KBS, SBS, and MBC.

Getting comfortable with the built-in video player

And to make sure that you can enjoy the streaming experiences to the fullest, Viki: Stream Asian TV Shows also offers the useful built-in video player with many accessible features. Feel free to make changes to your stream videos, customize the playback experiences, and make uses of many in-app tools and features. All of which should allow you to enjoy the movies and shows even more.


Users will love Viki: Stream Asian Drama, Movies, and TV Shows because you won’t just watch movies on a single platform. Most users use their phones or tablets to watch movies, and sometimes the screen size limitation is also a factor that reduces the experience. So if your TV belongs to Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and FireTV, then you can experience your favorite movies on the bigger screen.

Do not take up a lot of space

Compared to other apps of the same category, Viki owns extremely light capacity, with only 8.3MB. Therefore, users can download this application to any mobile device without worrying about taking up too many resources. This means that tasks in this application will be responded to immediately without any lag when in use. In addition, the publisher Viki has also confirmed that this application will not generate too much space during use.

Simple interface

The interface is also one of the big highlights that Viki brings. This application possesses a very simple interface with a relatively reasonable design of the status bars. This will certainly not make you face too much difficulty in manipulation. The publisher knows how to create visual highlights in his application when many colors are proper to create a harmonious and eye-catching whole. Overall, the interface is one of the most important factors in the success of this app so far.

And for those of you who’re interested in watching legit content, you can always trust Viki: Stream Asian TV Shows, as the app provides its legally licensed content for all Android users to enjoy on their devices. Moreover, by using this authentic app from Viki, you won’t have to worry about viruses or potential data losses.

Enjoy the cross-platform experiences

To make sure that Android users in Viki: Stream Asian TV Shows can enjoy the movie streaming experiences to the fullest, you can now make uses of the app on many of your Android devices, not just your smartphones or tablets. Instead, the app allows you to connect to your Roku, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Fire TV, and many others. All of which should make your streaming experiences a lot more enjoyable

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