Various Creeps anti-moba MOD APK (UNLIMITED HERO UPGRADE)

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Various Creeps anti-moba MOD APK Download: Epic battles! Epic Units! Epic Story! And much more awaits you in Various Creeps! Choose your side – Light or Darkness – that is for you to decide! The game offers the brand new moba experience.

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Various Creeps anti-moba MOD APK Download

The mixture of tower offence and moba gameplay. Take control of your army and lead it to victory! You play as an army of creeps and your target is to defeat enemies on level by destroying their main building. Think up your strategy wisely. Open new units, upgrade and customize them. You can also play in local PvP mode with your friends!

Core features:

– Mix of tower offense and MOBA gameplay
– Play awesome levels with different count of towers and lanes
– Choose your fraction – Darkness or Light
– Pass levels and explore the world
– Open new units and upgrade them
– Choose your strategy by mixing units
– Open magic spells and upgrade them
– Play PvP with your friends on one device

In the game you offered to take control of an army of creeps! The core gameplay features are built out of many strategy mechanics. The tower defence mechanics and tower offence mechanics are mixed up with moba experience. It’s like simple moba on one screen where you should carefully think about your strategic decisions.

The final goal is to destroy enemy’s main castle. You can do it by destroying all the enemies’ towers on map. The thing is that all strategy mechanics in game are easy to learn and easy to use! You need just very small time to pick up them all.

You have a pool of completely different units to choose from. You can always experiment with making up different strategies. You also have a variety of magic spells to choose from. The spells can significantly help you to win a match.

There are a lot of different maps to play in the game – from quiet villages and cities to mighty and dark rocky areas with lava rivers! New units and new magic spells will be unlocked while passing the campaign.

And you can also play with your friends in multiplayer PVP mode just on one screen which gives a lot of fun!

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