Solar & Smash 3D Game MOD APK- Planet (No Ads) Download

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Solar & Smash 3D Game MOD APK Download: is a stress-relieving and one of the best planet destruction simulator game in 2021, which allows you to use various weapons and supernatural abilities to destroy and smash planets and even the solar system.

Mod Info?

Earn rewards without watching ads
Note: There are advertisements in this game, which can be removed after disconnecting from the Internet

Install Steps:


1. Choose the weapon you like, click to use it.
2. You can choose a variety of weapons in a round.
3. When the planet is completely smashed, it will automatically switch to another planet.


1. Solar Smash Simulator has excellent game screen and exquisite 3d visual effects.
2. You can use super cool high-tech weapons like ICBMs, UFO, and supernatural abilities to smash the planet.
3. More destruction, more gems. Every planet destroyed will bring you gems. Spend gems to unlock more weapons, experience the joy of smashing different planets and release stress.
4. Support for multiple languages.

This is a unique and interesting free game with realistic destruction effects, and it can help people anti-stress.
Download and Install the Solar Smash Simulator- Planet Destroyer game, don’t forget to share it with your friends and let them know what a unbelievable game they missed!!

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