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Pokecraft pixelmon craft lokic MOD APK Download: Welcome to Pokecraft pixelmon craft lokicraft multicraft! Pixelmon mod was very popular in minecraft. Lokicraft 2021 assemble your own set of pets to fight other monsters. You can also give your pet a name, such as pikachu. Endless voxel world generation. The system of crafting items, weapons, blocks, armor, tools and much more. Battle pets, various enemies await you at every turn. Building from blocks and decorative blocks. A system for improving pets and improving your character. Underground caves with dangerous enemies and treasure chests. In the game, we were inspired by the graphic style of hytale. Cooking system, improve your character’s skills and unlock new worlds.

Mod Info?

No ads Freely use diamonds to buy gold coins to get a lot of currency

Install Steps:

Pokecraft pixelmon craft lokic MOD APK Download

We actively follow the wishes of our players and try to release updates frequently and listen to your wishes.

You can download additional mods for the game right in the game:

Mod-pack pixelmon
In the game you will have access to playable battle pets of the pixelmon class. You will be able to fight with them and improve them in the pokecraft book.

Mod-pack digimon
– Coming soon

Mod-pack Lokicraft
Unlocks an expanded set of items from the hellish and heavenly world. Also in the game you can meet new mobs. We knew that you needed the world of hell and heaven, but we did not do it in the classical way. We did it with our imagination. I hope when you get to these worlds you enjoy them. You have not seen anything like this, for a long time and persistently we with fans discussed how and why it was necessary to make the worlds.

Mod-pack Pokecraft
This is your pocket-sized tool for enhancing your pixelmon pets. In it you can store all your captured pets. In it, you can find brief or detailed information on all pixemons. We are carefully and thoughtfully adding new battle pets. Thinking over their abilities and features.

Mod-pack Multicraft
How about a new universe of multiworlds? With this modification it will be available, you can create, delete worlds and name it whatever you want. For example, I created a world called roblox, so my children love this name. They love the universe of robots and technology.


– Lots of pixelmons.
– Pet leveling system.
– High game optimization and world generation for all modern devices;
– Unique game mechanics of the pokecraft system.
– In-game store of game mod packs.
– Crafting and building.
– Block craft.
– A large number of different foods and plants;
– Multicraft worlds & biomes system.
– Weapons and tools in the game are made in the pixel gun 3d style.
– Stable FPS and long-distance rendering without lags;

If you feel that we have violated your intellectual property rights, or any other agreement, please contact us by e-mail [email protected], we will immediately take the necessary measures.

DISCLAIMER: Pokecraft, pixelmon is NOT pokemon. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH The Pokémon Company. All rights reserved.

DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL Minecraft product. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH Mojang. All rights reserved.

Play now free Pokecraft pixelmon craft lokicraft multicraft!

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