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East Trade Tycoon MOD APK Download: is a trading simulator game.In the game,you can from zero to hero.By trading markets, build a business,earn money,level up, investing accurately, and manage family to become a trading tycoon.

Mod Info?

Don’t watch ads to get rewards (you need to wait for the loading to complete), use enough silver taels to get more rewards.

Install Steps:

East Trade Tycoon MOD APK Download

While running a business, we can also experience life simulator, you can get married, have children, and makr your family stronger. With the growth of family members, they can also do business with you, work and earn money, which is an indispensable help for us to grow into a trading tycoon.

The ultimate goal of the game is to be the richest man, to be the biggest businessman in every city, and to have a strong family so that our career can be passed on forever.

Game feature:

-80 cities, nearly 100 kinds of goods, have a real simulation economic system, commodity prices go up and down, you need to buy low and sell high at the most appropriate time, earn money through price differences, achieve wealth growth, and become a trade master.
-Strengthen your caravan, increase the number of your caravan, increase the carrying capacity of goods, so that each transaction can make more money and profits!
-Exercise eloquence, management, charm, improve yourself and family members, and make trade more powerful.
-Mysterious props can increase the quantity of each transaction and the ability to reduce the price during the transaction. Try to reach the conditions and get them!
-Life simulation, family members will be born, old age, sickness and death, each person has an independent appearance system, talent system, train your strongest heir!
-You can set up a business in every city, which will automatically and extra ear money and fame for you. You just need to invest in it, upgrade it, and the business will give you a good return.
-Accomplishing a variety of trade tasks is the secret to becoming a trade tycoon quickly.
-The game will record all kinds of growth data and trade data, and when you become a trading tycoon, it must be very impressive to look back on the road you have traveled.

Finally, I hope this trade simulation game can bring you happiness. If you have any questions, please contact us via email: [email protected]

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