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Crash of Cars (MOD, Coins/Gems) – a mixture of arcade races and multiplayer games together. At the beginning of the game you will have the chance to choose your first car, which will hunt for the other players and go from persecution. A large number of locations in which you will collect gold crown, preying on other players, smashing their cars and taking away what they could collect. Despite its low weight, the game received a beautiful 3D graphics and excellent management. Become the best racer in the Crash of Cars mod apk.


Unlock multiple cars with varied tiers

You’ll quickly find yourself having access to the huge car collection in Crash of Cars which features varied vehicles from unique tiers. Choose between 70+ cars from 4 different classes including Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the tier, the more capable your vehicle will be when you engage your opponents in the epic battles.

Upgrade and develop

Crash of Cars has many interesting features for players to explore. Very large vehicle system with slightly 70 different vehicles, from cars to trucks, fire trucks, ambulances … The vehicle system is divided into popular, rare, epic and legendary types.

After the game is over, a part of crowns that you collect is converted into coins, used to unlock the car and upgrade some equipment. Upgrading help increases the time to use power-ups and weapons on the battlefield, for example, missile guns can fire 5 missiles instead of 4. You can also customize some colors, skins of your car


Crash of Cars has added many new features for players to have a more enjoyable experience. The new Skygarden map offers players fanciful cloud battles in this strange floating world; perhaps players will be more attracted to playing in this dream world than in other combat environments. Many new cars are added, such as hot air balloons, Vertigo cars with unique weapons, and more vital fighting skills. In addition, there is a chess mode available for players to participate in some private matches and explore this unique feature. Vehicles have some new hidden cars, and it will probably take you a long time to find them to use in matches. New missions with tough challenges are set for players every day, and a series of private matches will be unlocked so players can compete with friends or family. At the same time, win special badges that in-game gifts after each match.


When you start the match in Crash of Cars, you will start moving around the field to collect the first crowns, and if you find blue chests, you should pick them up. Soon, a new skill will be equipped for your vehicle. The goal in this game is straightforward: to earn as many crowns as possible, including the crowns that other players are holding. When there are no other crowns on the field, the other players will start attacking each other.

Feel free to customize your cars with unique skins

And since you’ll mostly fight your opponents in online battles, having a customizable car with unique skin on it will certainly make you stand out among other players. This will somewhat intimidate them while making you feel a lot better about yourself. That being said, with more than 30 different skins to apply on your cars, you’ll definitely have a good time “dressing up” the vehicles in Crash of Cars.

Interesting missions to enjoy

For those who love grinding through the multiple levels in the game, Crash of Cars features a variety of different missions for you to enjoy. In addition, you can also have fun in the epic Single Player Mode where you take on multiple enemies all by yourself.


Crash of Cars has 3D graphics with good image quality. Not too beautiful but the graphics quality of the game is enough to be addictive and make players feel excited. There are many interesting places to visit with many beautiful scenes, bright colors. Currently, the game has 8 different maps. You can choose your favorite map before starting a match.


In Crash of Cars, players must win many crowns and destroy many other players to win and improve their position in the rankings. However, this is not as easy as you think because many other players compete with you with the same goal. And, of course, other players will never be gentle with you; they can destroy your car at any time to get the crown. You have to move your car to destroy other vehicles using various power-ups like cannons, flamethrowers, and bombs to defeat other players and steal the crown from them. Besides, you can also customize your vehicle to have more memorable and consequential skills, helping you destroy enemies quickly, such as seaplanes floating on water or rockets that are immune to damage other players’ flamethrowers.

Challenge gamers from all over the world

But if you wish to have your skills and abilities tested by the big boys, you’ll have to participate in the epic online challenges in Crash of Cars. Here, you can encounter the best players and go against the most powerful cars in the game. Compete with the best and win against them to unlock awesome rewards.

Play with friends

In a game like Crash of Cars, there’s nothing more fun than playing with your friends. This is an online game, you can invite your close friends into a match and destroy them. Surely everyone will have fun moments.


After you’ve gone through specific matches in Crash of Cars, you’ll start to get curious about ways to find a new car for you. Specifically, in the shop, you will find two gashapon machines where players will place an amount of money and wait for a surprise item to appear. Vehicles with different qualities will suddenly appear before you if you are lucky, and each type of vehicle has properties that you will need to exploit.

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