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Name Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art Games
Version 2021
Required device Android 4.0+
Info Available for Play
Available on Google Play
Last updated 1 day ago

Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art is offered by 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games. It’s one of the best and popular 2021 Strategy game. In this game we can find cute fighter bugs. We can form powerful bugs and start our amazing & adventurous journey. There will be enemies in our way also, so we have to use our mind to crash them. There are amazing challenges in this game also. Welcome to the world of bugs in Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art Game.

clash of bugs

Gameplay: Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art Games

  1. We can find various qualities of bugs in this game. The higher the quality means the bugs will have better abilities, attributes, etc. So, try to collect high-quality bugs mostly.
  2. In this game, every bug has a different & unique skill.
  3. We can adjust the formation of bugs, strategies, etc. according to enemies because there will be hard boss fights.
  4. You can play with fellow players from all our the Clash of Bugs World. Get amazing rewards and exchange insects.
  5. We can collect more insect cards to promote & improve their powers.
  6. There are bounty quests available too, be ready to get amazing rewards.
  7. An amazing feature is that we can fight with real players in the PvP battles.
  8. Get season rewards by completing quests and winning battles.
  9. Mythical insects are waiting to be unlocked.
  10. We can collect gold & diamond, and use them to exchange for powerful insects.
clash of bugs

Game Features: Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art Games

  • Funny & cute game with cute bugs
  • Completely free strategy game
  • 1000+ levels in Clash of bugs
  • Interesting & addictive gameplay
  • Available Bounty Quests, World Boss, Arena, and Challenge levels
  • 40+ real insects including ants, firefly, butterfly, unicorn, etc.
  • Enter the game and get free gold, diamond and popular cards in shop
  • Login for 7 days and get a Mythical bug
  • Interesting daily tasks & rewards are available
  • Relaxing music & sound
clash of bugs

Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art Games is a brand new strategy game which is full of cute insects, simulation battles, etc. In this game, you can play more than a thousand of amazing battles and defeat bosses to earn cards & unlock new insects. The graphics are amazing too, also, playing this game will give us a basic knowledge of over 40+ bugs species. In this game, those species are classified in categorized as rare, epic, legendary, and mythical.

WHAT’S NEW: Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art Games

  • Clash of Bugs is now released
  • Various Improvements in Gameplay
  • All Bugs Available now

Installation Guide For Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art Games

It’s very simple, just follow these simple steps:

  • Download “Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art”.
  • Open your file manager and download folder.
  • Now, open the Apk file that you have downlaoded.
  • Turn on the unknown source installation and let the game finish installation.
  • Enjoy playing this game with lots of bugs & insects.
  • Share this with your friends & family.

Verdict: Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art Games

In the last, we would love to say that the developers has done a wonderful work developing Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art. It’s fun to play and me & my team are playing this game from sometime and we are really loving it, so we are here to share the latest version of Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art. Download today and enter in the world of bugs.

Clash of Bugs (COC Private Server)

Name Clash of Bugs (COC Private Server)
Version April 2021
Required device Android 4.0+
Info Unlimited Gems
Available on Google Play
Last updated 1 day ago

Well, guys, now lets talk about Clash of Bugs (COC Private Server), both the name are same of these games so you might confused in these two games but don’t worry we don’t mislead wrong information for our all the visitors, you all are like a family to us. If you aren’t interested in this COC Private Server, Clash Of Bugs, you can quit this article right now, because here, we will only explain about this different game than the official Clash of Bugs: Epic Casual Bug & Animal Art Game.

What is Clash of Bugs Private Server?

Clash of bugs what’s new

Clash Of Bugs APK: Have you ever thought, Among so many private servers of Clash of Clans, which is the best ever mod is? That’s what the article is all about. Here we are with Clash of Bugs APK for Android. Sounds crazy? Well, it’s just the name that has ‘bugs‘ inside, but the game? No way!

Clash of Bugs APK is the best private server of COC ever made. It has the coolest features available right now with stability and fast performance. It contains all the features which make a mod awesome. Read down below to find out what’s special about this Mod. Excited? Let’s get started.

What’s special about Clash of Bugs Private Server?

You must be thinking “what’s special? It’s only a mod.” But no, it’s not just a regular mod which has unlimited gems, resources etc. But rather than gems, resources what’s important? Server stability and Fast performance and regular updates! Well, all these great things come inside the latest version of Clash of Bugs. Read the whole article to get all the information available right now about this Mod, which is also free.

Features about Clash of Bugs Private Server

If you wanna know why this mod is the best COC private server on the internet right now then you should read these stunning features. These features are the reason why it is on top. Read down all the important features you might wanna know.

  • Stable and free shop
  • System reliability
  • Free custom mods
  • Unlimited troops and spells
  • Arranged updates
  • Bug-free
  • No-ban
  • Summer-winter special events
  • Unlimited gems and resources
  • Latest buildings and troops unlocked
  • Max level of builder-hall available
  • 24/7 active server

Stable and free shop

What clashers wish? Their game should be stable, they won’t face errors during war attacks and looting. That’s why Clash of Bugs APK is made complete stable. It has a stable server and also it has a free shop in which you can buy everything without spending a penny.

System reliability

When we talk about reliability, Clash of Bugs For Android stands remain at its position. It has the fastest server which gives it very fast performance and removes bugs and error during network fails. If you are tired of playing poor mods with poor performance, choose this mod. It won’t ever upset you.

Arranged updates

Clash of Bugs is updated from time to time and we are offering you the latest version of it which contains town hall 13 with new troops like electro dragon, ice golem, Yeti, and builder hall 9 which have lots of new features like lava launcher defensive building, hog glider etc. So don’t worry about new updates. We have got you covered.

Unlimited everything and custom mods

Have you ever thought about having your army camps filled with hundreds of Dragons, Pekkas, Electro dragons? With the latest Mod Version, custom mods you are able to train 500 troops, 500 spells. Also, it’s all for free because this server offers unlimited gems, resources. So no training time, no training cost problems! Train whatever you want to play with.

Installation steps for Clash of Bugs Private Server

Till now some of you have downloaded Clash of Bugs MOD and are in a hurry and excited to play the game but in some cases, you may fail to install this APK. So read our installation guide, so you can easily interact with the game more fluently.

First, look for the APK

After downloading the APK file, your first step should be to find the APK in your device. For this, you have to go to>device storage>downloads>Clash of Bugs APK.

Second, enable unknown source

Then your second step should be to enable installation from unknown sources because this mod is not developed by a company which we can find on play store. So, you must enable it. Look below at the image for more info regarding enabling unknown sources.

Clash of bugs installation image

Now just wait for a few seconds

After enabling unknown source installation, just tap on install and wait for a few seconds. Clash of Bugs which is the best COC private server is installed on your device.

Clash of bugs installation image

Before going anywhere you may read some frequently asked questions about this Modded game down below regarding, is it safe, will your account will be etc.

Some frequently asked questions about Clash of Bugs Private Server

Can I use the max level of builder machine?

Yes, and it will take seconds to upgrade your builder machine to the max level which is level 30 right now. Impressive right? Because Clash of Bugs offers unlimited gems and resources in the home village as well as builder base. You can enjoy the latest troop in builder base which is hog glider!

Is it safe to play Clash of Bugs?

Why not, Clash of Bugs is stable, safe because it has the best private server among all of COC mods. Play it without any bugs, errors and problems regarding device hang, game error, slow gameplay etc. Also, Download it 100% free.

Can I play Clash of Bugs and Clash of Clans together?

Yes, you can play them together because both have different servers. So don’t hesitate if you don’t want to delete COC, just keep playing them side by side 🙂 because I know how hard it is to forget about original game base in which we have done so much hard work regarding loots, base decoration etc. So you can play both.

Final Verdict: Clash of Bugs Private Server

So what do you think about Clash of Bugs? It has everything which a mod is able to do like, special features, special events, breathtaking mods, new updates, uptime, stability, working shop, unlimited everything. This is what makes it admirable among all of the related mods. If you want to enjoy the official game with these all features then you can Download Clash of Bugs for Android. So, what you decide? Have a good day! Cheers!

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