Bug Dolls MOD APK- Horror Game (Dumb Enemy) Download

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Bug Dolls MOD APK Download: The action takes place in the small town of Zhukovsk. In the autumn of 1991, the entire population of the town was evacuated for an unknown reason.

You are an ordinary resident of the city who did not have time to evacuate and you are forced to get out on your own.

Mod Info?

Note: When the permission of the floating window is enabled, it will flash back for the first time, and you can enter normally after restarting the game.
This game can experience the full content of the game
The game is in beta stage. To optimize your testing experience, the developer provides you with a menu of developer functions in the game:
1. Mobs will not attack
2. BOSS will not attack

Install Steps:

Bug Dolls MOD APK Download

In the game you need to explore the deserted city, solve puzzles and find a way out of the situation.

Dangerous mutated beetle dolls operate on the streets. Either kill or run away is up to you. After some time, you will be able to make two types of weapons.

The location of the game is a semi-open world. You can go to many buildings located in the city, all places are unique in their own way.
Models and environments are made with meticulous accuracy, which will allow you to feel the whole atmosphere of horror on yourself.
Good optimization will allow you to play even on weak phones and save the battery of the device.

You are not limited in your actions. You can study some part at once, then proceed to the passage of the main storyline, which will allow you to discover new places.

Buying the game you will get:

● More than 15 hours of exciting game play.
● Responsive operation.
● Beautiful graphics.
● 3 different endings and an alternate playthrough.
● Pleasant music.
● Complete absence of advertising and donation.
● Ability to play offline.
● Excellent optimization and low battery life.

Good luck in the passage!

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