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Description MOD APK Download: is a 3d version of a cooperative team io command game. Players will experience a more microscopic ant world’s daily life and work in a super environment. Players can split more through multiplication. Ants help themselves grow and grow, strengthen their own strength to prevent enemy invasions. The game has a variety of different game modes for players to choose. Pay attention to the alienated beetles and spiders. Compared with other io games, there are many surprises in the ants march. : Be the last survivor in the battle royal, or follow the footsteps of diamonds in the diamond treasure hunt!

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Earn rewards without watching ads

Install Steps:
Install MDO APK Download

Level has more modes.
Multiplayer battles-
Classic mode
Can you become the biggest ant? Life is unlimited. Stay away from intense battles to hone your skills or complete missions. Become a master who uses your skills and tactics proficiently.
Dragon Egg War
In this mode, dragon eggs will be spawned at random locations in the scene. The player who gets the most dragon eggs will win the final victory. Injury and destroy the enemy ants, but you can collect dragon eggs faster and win this epic battle.
Battle royale
The last survivor will win. Your mission is to be the only survivor when the world collapses. Avoid magma-be sure to stay in a safe area of ??the arena! careful! Once you die, everything is over! ! !
Diamond Treasure
Compete with other players and collect the most diamonds. The game will end in 2 minutes. This is the best way to win the rare diamond resources in the game!

Role storyline,a game with the theme of ant simulation. Players need to follow the queen to create an ant kingdom, expand the land, collect resources, and fight against other ants or insects to gain insight into the real world of ants. In an early morning when the sun has just risen, a queen ant is looking for her ideal home. For this, she needs to be busy on the mound for at least a few hours, and this will be the beginning of an ant kingdom!

Strategy Sharing
Use various props to help you grow quickly.
Use the gold coins and diamonds obtained in the game to upgrade and unlock new characters, including various unique ants and insects.
Skilled use of splitting skills, transformed into a colony of ants to quickly devour food and grow rapidly.

Enter the fascinating *classic arcade mode* and devour as many apples and cakes as possible in the dizzying 3D world. Be the biggest group of ants and don’t let other insects eat you! Compared to other io games, there are a lot of surprises in the ant march: become the last survivor in *Battle Royale*, or pursue gold in the *Gold Rush*!

Be the true master of the underground, find an environmental home suitable for your survival, multiply here, and continue to grow. As the leader of the ant colony, lead your ants to adventure outside and collect resources. Everyone will do their best to make the family better. We need to always pay attention to the enemies that may invade us, and live and die together with our ant brothers!

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