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Airtel Xstream is an official entertainment app offered by Airtel itself. This is one of the best apps where you can enjoy watching a lot of movies and TV shows. It is available for multiple devices like Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, and TVs. This is a highly popular app with over 100 Million downloads all across the world. It comes with many features like multiple languages support, free-to-use, premium interface and video quality, original content, and much more.



Airtel Xstream is an application that gathers more than 350 channels worldwide, so it will have a perfect interface to provide users with all the content. The app’s interface has a perfect layout, using dark colors to make TV show posters stand out as much as possible. The number of TV shows of channels is endless, so it will prioritize the display of channels for users to access, even there will be many different categories for users. Using a swipe gesture or using the scroll bar, users will easily access any category they want, and the app has a menu list that can be expanded arbitrarily. In that menu will be the main features of the application, even allowing users to personalize the interface, change colors, and create the best user experience. The app will also have many other types of interfaces, such as the gallery interface, the streaming interface, and more to transmit the content of a particular show to the user.


The reason why Airtel Xstream stands out in recent times is the number of channels that it is available, even constantly updating new channels to entertain everyone. Most TV channels in the world will be included in this application, such as Colors, WB, HBO, ETV, CNBC, News 18, CNN, Cartoon Network, Pogo, etc. The app will even have a separate channel list for users to freely browse and add to their favorites. Of course, the app will not only prioritize the channels in the world but also will prioritize the local channels for users to make their playlists more diverse and richer. The user can even personalize the interface and make it only show channels that are being watched and remove unwanted channels.


Airtel Xstream is a diversified and rich media application; it provides users with almost every channel in the world and ensures the best streaming experience for users. During streaming, the user can freely change the picture quality and depending on the provider, and its quality will always default to 1080p or even higher. Furthermore, it also features physical button replacements, like adjusting volume, video duration, and screen brightness with swipe gestures. By swiping in the direction indicated in an empty spot on the screen, all performance is easily changed. Of course, the application is completely free, and will not interrupt users during streaming like advertising or other stuff.

Numerous Channels Available

It has more than 350 channels worldwide allowing users to watch any of their favorite TV shows. The app offers users special features that allow users to watch content one day before it is available on the TV itself. The channels included are colors, HBO, ETV, WB, CNBC, Pogo, Cartoon Network, and many more. You can also search your favorite channel from the search bar which saves you lots of time scAirtel Xstreaming and finding the one you want.

Full HD and 4K Streaming

Video quality plays a key role while waiting for any video content. Higher the video quality higher the entertainment. Therefore the app has multiple video quality options that users can choose manually or simply select the auto option which will set your video quality according to your internet speed. It supports Full HD and even 4K streaming to the users. Thus no need to compromise with the quality and just enjoy.

Supports Multiple Languages

The app also offers content in more than 13 different languages allowing users to watch their favorite movies and shows in their native language. In addition, users will also get to see subtitles in multiple languages that help users to watch content in other languages and get a better understanding of your language where you face trouble. This is how you can also get a good command of other languages too.


If users want to enjoy any shows with their family, they can connect to larger projection devices, such as TVs, projectors, etc. Of course, once connected, its quality will also be guaranteed, with the best picture and sound quality depending on the user’s settings. Furthermore, the application will have many settings for users to change the experience when projecting on large screens, and those settings will be saved in each user profile.


Airtel Xstream is a family application, so it has multiple user profiles that can set passwords for everyone to experience TV shows comfortably. Furthermore, each profile’s homepage will have different recommendations, so it sorts by profile and displays similar recommendations. Of course, all settings and activities, even movies that each profile viewed, will be saved and even synced with other devices.


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